Red Stag Fulfillment Offers Handy Guide to E-Commerce Platforms

rsfRed Stag Fulfillment, a successful and well-regarded company that acts as a third party shipping servicer for e-commerce firms, doesn’t sell anything online. But it sure has a bead on the platforms that serve those who do.

RSF ships for a growing number of e-commerce companies and it has learned a great deal about the pros and cons of each.

When it comes to eCommerce order fulfillment, RSF says that the technology used is vitally important. Having seamless operations that can, for instance, sync automatically with the real-time purchases in a company’s online store will go a long way in preventing an eCommerce store from joining the vast graveyard of similar businesses that failed in large part because of inadequate or inadequately used technology.  To learn more about the eCommerce technology used by RSF, click here).

Now, the Red Stag Fulfillment crew is offering a handy guide to the major platforms serving the customers that it also serves. The guide gives basic information about the platforms that work with both small to medium and medium to large e-commerce companies.

For small to medium outfits, RSF reviews Woo, Shopify, OpenCart, and PrestaShop. For medium to large e-commerce companies, it reviews Magento, BigCommerce, and ShopifyPlus.

Included in each shopping platform review is an overview, cost information, features description, benefits details, customer support info, and details on any drawbacks Red Stag believes its audience needs to know.

For instance, its overview of Woo notes that “Woo Commerce is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to sell through your WordPress website. It also offers additional paid features you can add on. This option is known to be affordable and allows you to make sales, process secure payments, manage inventory and shipping, and manage taxes automatically. It is recommended for retailers earning revenues that range from $ 0-$ 500,000.”

It’s a very informative guide for the customers that RSF was created to serve.

“There are pros and cons to every platform – but ultimately, the right choice will depend on your company’s size and unique needs,” notes the company. “In our business at Red Stag Fulfillment as a third party fulfillment provider, we know our customers need an e-commerce solution they can rely on, and we regularly hear feedback on the good and bad of various platforms. Hopefully this guide (can help) you in your decision process.”

To review the guide in full, click here. And for more information on what RSF can do for the reliability and growth of your eCommerce business, check out the company here.

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